What are two time travelling ghost hunters to do when faced with a little girl terrorizing Disneyland?

Well, get in the queue! The first part of There’s a Haunting in the Haunted Mansion, introduces Victorian Mason and Alec, the pirate, to the ‘Happiest Place on Earth.’

Behold, a podcast play featuring the characters from the original BL story T.I.M.E that is being written by a good friend and myself. Take a listen, get a feel, then tell me who is your favorite. 

To read the actual story, follow us here, the first chapter will be up soon!

  • white people talking about the racism they experienced: i was walking out of walmart and this black girl BUMPED INTO ME and i nicely apologized but she called her 9 black brothers over to BEAT ME UP they called me a SNOWMAN because im WHITE and then these black police officers came and BEAT ME TOO and an alien spaceship full of latinos and asians landed and they called me a cracker and cheered on the blacks! racism against white people IS REAL